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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 30, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the the. 900 sailors were left to fend for themselves. that was 66 years ago today. i am harris faulkner. thank you for being here. huckabee is next. [applause] >> mike: thank you very much . welcome to a special edition of huckabee from new york. we are live tonight as some leaders on capitol hill think we are getting closer to reach a debt deal. mike emanuel has the developments and we'll talk to congressman david dwyer why he introduced a carbon copy of the reed rode bill to the floored . cut, cap and balance . much more on the show tonight. we are live as i say from new
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york in a special moment as we watch the unfolding of the debt crisis deal. you know, the big difference between campaigning and governing is simple. in a campaign it is your message and platform 100 percent. you frame the entire message and drive the points that you think are important and ignore the things you don't about and understand. the result of the campaign you are elected, you have to shift gear to governing mode. that is like killing a deer in the wood and cooking it in the kitchen. tools that you use to kill the deer are . different than the ones you cook and serve it with. folks have campaigned but can't trannsition from the woods or kitchen n a campaign there is no recognition that the other candidates might have ideas that are better or
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at least more palatable than your own. it is political suicide to open a campaign debate by saying my opponent has a better idea on improving schools than i do. no, candidates have an answer and a plan to everything. if you don't, you still do. being a candidate is a practice scrimmage. governorship is where everyone is trying to win and no one wants to lose. no one holds the office because he was humble and sempish. there is a room for them to val daid what they the campaign is real. they will lose battles but have to learn to live to fight another day. if they use all of their water on one fire. they have no water left . the debt ceiling is a crisis, because the players never left the woods and came to the
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kitchen. they are still shooting when they ought to be using . the elmerfudd of the drama is president obama who knows how to campaign but shown a lack of understanding of how to govern. he put fuel on the fire when it need said water and instead of negotiating a solution he holds meaningless press conferences to blame everyone else. i hear about the adults in the room. if these are the adults, let's turn to the kitchen over the kids. they can't make a bigger mess than has already been made. that's my view and i welcome yours and you can contact me at mike huckabee.comin the fox news feed back section. on capitol hill fox's corspendent mike emanuel has latest developments. what is the latest you are hearing from the democrats. >>reporter: good evening, governor. nancy pelosi told reporters
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that the tock is clicking and looked serious and somber late afternoon in the white house. she was if she is unhappy. he is unhappy with the idea of 1.2 trillion in cuts which is believed to be part of the deal that is locked in on in the coming hours and days . meanwhile, the senate leader harry reid is negotiating with mitch mcconle and take a lin. >> he is my friend. i will come to his office and go to the white house with him and do anything that i can do to move the process over. i say respectfully to my senator friend from kentucky it will not this day. >> reading in the lines, republicans are refusing to negotiate with the democrat counter part.
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they appear ting directly negotiating with the white house, governor. >> the republicans sound more upbeat at this point, don't they? >> that is correct . all it seemed to take was a few phone calls with the president and vice-president. here is senator mitch mcconnel >> i am more optmistic than my friend who is the majority leader. we have talked to the president and vice-president several times. i think we have a chance of getting there. with he is referring to senator reid trying to move it on the floor . i should note at the house today truck down the language of the reid bill in the house. governor? >> mike: mike emanuel thank you for reporting from capitol hill. republican congressman david
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dwyer is chairman of the rules committee. first of all you introduced the reid look alike bill. what were you doing and why would you introduce harry reid's bill in the house. >> it is great to be with you. in our west to be bipartisan, i would like to take your deer hunting cooking story and quote harry truman. if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. >> mike: our audience loves that, congressman. >> did you like it, mike is the question. let me tell you what happened. as you know from the house, we passed two mess measures cut, cap and balance . we were just able to pass by a narrow margip john boehner's plan that stemmed from the bipartisan meeting in the building in the capitol when we saw john boehner sitting
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with harry reid andy mitch mcconnell and we know that hairy reid backed away after the president made it clear he didn't want democrat to support it mitch mcconnell is repeatedly asking. he is harry reid to bring it for . we are waiting right now until 1:00 tomorrow morning and the fact it, mitch made the request and harry reid said no. mitch asked us to say since senator reid said his plan was the only one to pass . he asked us to introduce it in the house and it was overwhelmingly defeat in a bis partisan way. we know we have to work in a way to address this. there are 75 times we have seen the debt ceiling increased since 1962. don rumsfeld was with the first one and he's talking about this on his book tour
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and look at where we are 14.3 trillion dollar national debt. what are we doing the first time. we are focusing on the root cause of the problem. we don't have a debt ceiling problem. we have a debt problem. that's what we are going to do to get to to the root. >> mike: congressman, this is a bigger issue over the long haul. demdeps accuse you of playing games. but your point is, it was reid who said he had the only bill that could pass the house. you proved it can't pass the house. what is the message that you hope your counter part senate will get to that? >> that is a great question, mike. we need to come together but need to realize that the perfect harry reid bill and no one calls their bills perfect. but he certainly believed it was the best bill there and
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that in fact could enjoy strong support. we proved it can be part of the discussion, but not the focal point and center piece of the discussion that is taking place . there are a number of things between harry reid's bill and john boehner's bill that are together. >> they call for a selection of a joint committee and make recommendations for the spending cuts . so just the fact that we have democrats to talk about the notion of decreasing spending is an overwhelming victory. it has not been done before. we have a process of bipartisanship now. >> congressman, i want to get your take on the atmosphere of the house is toxic. nancy pelosi made derogatory comments about the speaker . just in a nut shell, is it as toxic on the floor as it appears to us watching from
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the cheap seat. >> you have a responsibility of sitting there and listening to everything. so many new members. we have a lot of good people who offered thought and less than bombastic statements and yet they continue to accuse us was getting rid of a social security. it is criminal for an 85 year old woman they tell me you are trying to get rid of your social security. no one over the age of 55 will be impacted and getting to the class warfare. 03 tax cuts of president bush. we saw 1.782 trillion dollars in revenues in 07 and they went to 2.567 and 44 percent increase and 785 billion increase, that's the way make sure we have growth oriented tax cuts to get the debt down and along with the effort to
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reduce spending. >> congressman david drier thank you. >> mike: we have more including israeli prime minister netanyahu and music from the gaitlin . author of cut, cap and balance. congressman reed ribble is joining me next. stay with us. turn left.
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>> we'll talk to congress reed riddle of wisconsin. i know you guys are busiy appreciate your take. i want to ask you about the part of the bill. a lot of democrats supported this in the past and they have said it was a great idea and now a terrible idea. what changed in their point of
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view? why are they running for something they once supported? >> why are they running from something that the american people support. this has broad support across the nation. >> mike: congressman, it showed 75 percent of the american people support a balanced budget amendment. >> it is straightforward common sense . we theed to have government do it in washington. >> mike: there are people who point out the balanced budget amendment is different than the ones the democrats supported. maybe republicans have a modified version if you could get it passed through the senate among the democrats? >> i talked to a lot of my colleagues in the conference and aisle. we wrote cut, cap and balance, they put it together . >> we could get bipartisan
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agreement. i don't understand what the president and democrats are afraid of except that the american people say yes. >> mike: how frustrated are you when your bill gets to the house and pass and then in the senate it is cut. >> it is the second time. i just wanted to give people a chance to have their say. when you start the segment you have a live shot from the u.s. senate chamber. i haven't seen them moving over there since i got to congress. >> mike: congressman there is a long-time expression. people in the house say that the other party are my opponents but the senate is my enemy. do you sometimes feel that way? >> i have the last couple of weeks. they are trying to make it about the debt limit and using language like the debt limit. that is not the crisis. the debt is the crisis and my bill was design to fix it.
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>> mike: talk about speaker boehner's leadership of the house. there is criticisms from outside. i want to say up front. i think he handled it masterfully as a person who has one-half of the one of the 3moving parts of government . a lot of people don't understand he doesn't own the white house or senate. he has a slim majority in the house. assess for me how he with the divided republican caucus. >> he is skillful and tactful and in our conference meetings, he is like a motivational coach. he was not beraiding anybody. he has a tough job. republican conference is broadd. you have a freshman class that is large and diverse and we have the rest of the conference that have been here for a while. i don't envy his position but i admire the way he does his jobb. >> mike: congressman, i think a lot of you have won.
8:18 pm
the debate is not how much you are going to spend but what you are cutting. is it time for the republicans to declare victory and find common depround and move on? >> i think it is time for the congress and the senate and both house and senate to find out what the american people want and that's what government is supposed to be about. ultimately there will be movement, but be frank here. the republicans in the house of representatives have done all of the moving. we sent cut, cap and balance over to them. day or so ago we sent the boehner bill to them and they tabled that one as well . we had to have one of our colleagues bring the rebill to the floor. all we get from the senate is a memo. >> mike: congressman, thank you for being here and what you said earlier. you framed it better than what
8:19 pm
i heard anybody say. it is not what the republicans want but what the people want. it is refreshing to understand why you are there. you get it and thank you for helping all of us see that. >> that is a kind word. thank you, governor. >> mike: it is a plires. up next, the very guys who threaten to default are the guys who can prevent it charlie will tell you after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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as the senate works late in senate night for a debt solution will wall street like
8:23 pm
what the deal is? we'll find out from charlie in the fox business network. i wish i could say who cares but we need to care. >> why should wall street have a role here. the market is going to be interesting. if there is any reason for a movement with the republican deal, it is because they are worried about the markets on monday. if we have a major sell off. market went down 400 poigns and that's what they are worried about. it is interesting . the white house is interested in something opposite. if they can get around the debt that doesn't go above the debt cap . they are fiending out measures will not make it and they have to do deep cuts.
8:24 pm
we learned that people could have prevented it. >> tim geithner could have prevented it. >> mike: what could he have done. >> i talked to the rating agencies. they have talked to him since march. they knew it was coming down the pike. you would think at that point they would have got serious and have had legitimate meetings and the president instead of attacking paul ryan. he came out with a good plan. there could have been a compromise. instead he becomely hut down any sort of the compromise. you have to ask the white house why in march when they knew it was a downgrade pending and the rating agencies were gettingantsy. why didn't they act? >> mike: charlie, you are one of the few people who have
8:25 pm
courage to say something about the brokerage houses who are paying for the political support for the president. what role have they played, spectacularly goldman saches. why we have the particular administration in congress and the role they played in not getting out of the situation? >> what is interested about goldman saches last thursday he told political leaders to grow up and be big boys. my head almost exploded. they are the biggest hypocrites in the world. [applause] cthe wall street crowd, think about this . i really, i think that this is so important for people to realize that if anybody is making money off of the massive size of government and sell of debt, it is lloyd baselinefine and the wall street guys and money
8:26 pm
management if i recalls that are urging a resolution on this. governor, linn, we shouldn't default. we don't have to default. tim geithner's not that dumb. >> mike: i am not worrying that. >> i will say this. the bottom line is we issue a lot of debt and someone is making money off of it, it is wall street. >> mike: if the whole thing falls apart . we get downgraded, tell me specifically what happens to joe america out there? >> let's start breaking tup. we go in default and we don't have to go in default. i wrote the story last week on the fox business network. president's people said we'll do everything but going to default and our bond goes to d we'll have a financial collapse it will be bad. all of the financial
8:27 pm
instruments if it goes to d it is massive loss says. i think standard and poors is likely to downgrade . the impact of that. if they start cutting stuff. let's say they do two billion of legitimate cuts and s&p downgrades us. i don't think the market will care. that's what killed me about the wall street guys. they are make like it is not a debate. aside from national defense and social security what is the best debate. it is the amazing debate. >> mike: it does impact on everything from a bank loan and maul business owners able to fund the inventory on the shelve. everyone will be affected to this and our message to washington get the job done quiet. >> by tuesday. >> mike: and one person who gets it done is charlie and
8:28 pm
these why we depend on him. we'll hear from the senate side from north dakota and part-two of my exclusive interview with benjamin netanyahu . the gaitlin brothers. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ way to go, coach. motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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she was last seen in her home in stewartstown. earlier today searchers drained part of a nearby river and found nothing. the f.b.i. is offering a $25,000 reward for information to lead them to celina. stay with fox for the latest. mike huckabee is coming up now. ♪ [applause] >> mike: we are back live on a special edition of huckabee. you are looking at a live look at the senate floor where the senate is planning o a 1:00 a.m. vote. a lot is happen negligent senate. we'll talk to the republican senator from north dakota. my good friend john hoban. thanks for joining tonight. >> good to be with you. >> mike: we'll talk about the mixed message. mcconnell said we are close to a deal and talked to biden and
8:33 pm
the white house and optmistic . harry reid said the sky is falling and nothing good is happening. who's right? >> i think the basic tenants are in place to get to a deal. we ned to get it down for the american people. basic frame work is there and i hope what you are seeing is push i hope the president will be involveny toz push to get the deal done. i think we can do it and we have all of the frame work in place and all of the elements are there. we node to just get it done. >> mike: john you and i are frens a long time. i will ignore the fact several million people are listening in. what is the atmosphere like when you go behind closed door and you are talking. you don't have to break a confidence. but what is going on back
8:34 pm
there? >> mike from our perspective we have to get a grip on spending and create a economic environment. we have to do it just like you did in arkansas and get a grip on spending. with the debt ceiling increase we have to get reductions that equal or exceed the debt ceiling. that is fundmental for the fiscal health of our country. >> mike: what about attitudes. >> we are consistent and we'll get there. >> mike: are senators angry or frustrated and tell me their emotion when they are in the room and what they are expressing? >> all of the above. all of the above. but my feeling we laid out a plan to get the country back to fiscal health and have to do it now and future generations for our kids. to have the kind of country we grew up in.
8:35 pm
we have to get a grip on spending. we are basically there and we have to finish off the deal and get it done before tuesday. >> mike: we had an interesting conversation with congressman who introduced the reid bill. it failed in the house. what message did that send to the democrat colleagues and harry reid after he said his bill was the only one that could pass in the house? >> i think it sent an important message. i met with 40 members of the house. we had a quick dinner together to compare notes. it sent a strong message that the boehner plan is the basic frame work and that is the frame work that the administration and the senate and house leaders were close to last weekend and that's what you saw today from leader mcconnell and speaker boehner, is that that frame work is the frame work that can work and now we need to finish it up and get it done.
8:36 pm
more savings and increase the debt ceil a vote on the balanced budget amendment and gets us on the right track it is not as much as we need but a big step in the right direction. >> mike: do you sense that democrats that are not ready to on the record. they want to get it done and realize that at least some semblance of the boehner bill is best to come up with, is that happening in >> i don't think so . that's where we are going . i think you can see, you know sometimes people think that like the boehner bill got voted down in the senate you start over. that's not the case. you adjoust and move forward. you can see optimism from one side and pessimism from one and that is part of the pushing the process to a conclusion. you know as a governor that has to happen for the good of the country. >> mike: john, you have been a governor and a senator and i
8:37 pm
hope you and your colleagues can get this resolved somehow in this. thank you for being here and hope to see you soon. >> god bless. >> mike: coming up my exclusive interview with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. [applause] it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster. the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake or sn crab and crab butter shrimp. [ jon i wouldn'tut it my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea fd differently. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are oosing advil. hers one story. my name is laceyalvert and i train professional athletes with yoga.
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for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at >> we are going to be live
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tomorrow night and bringing you the latest in washington whether you can stand it or not and it is important what is taking place and that's why we are going live. we'll have exclusive brews with joe mansion senator from west virginia and talking with the people on the floor. we have a special feature with paul william and more of the interview with benjamin netanyahu and much more. yoin us tomorrow at 8:00 and 11:00 eastern for more of the huckabee show live from new york . after meeting with vice-president biden. israel defense minister said israel is considering for apologizing for the problems caused in flostilla ships in which nine activist were killed. that would help his nation. i can't imagine why israel
8:42 pm
would apologize anymore than america would apologize for killing osama bin laden. i discussed the policy with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this is the second part. israel turned away protestors that wanted to come here and raise noise . ing arey detain 69 denied entry and never got in the country. criticism came to israel in a land of free speech. >> it was not a question of speech, but it was a question of deliberate provocations in some cases had viulentt overtones. thousands of people were you know going to descend on the u.s. and have massive demonstrations aligned america's worst enemies. would they do that? >> mike: i would hope not.
8:43 pm
>> what would happen in immigration. >> mike: i don't know. >> at the airport immigration officials are pretty tough. i have seen them work. >> mike: speaking thav. a lot of americans feel that the israelis have a better handle on airport security than we do in the tsa. give us adrice and tell us things that americans might learn from the israelis and operated without incident and you have been targeted more than anybody else . the process through which americans go through to get on an airplane is increasingly unpopular. >> that is tough. i think it is unpopular but when planes fall down from the sky. >> mike: but the process in israel is different. it is not the procedure of taking off your shoes and having someone put hands in your belt. is there something we could learn from you? >> i haven't looked at it
8:44 pm
recently. what makes it better for all of us soon will be technology and that gets intrusive. but technology can do a, a warks i with it and you can sail through if you are not a terrorist. >> mike: there is certainly an ongoing issue of the flostilla that some have put together against gaza and you are effective and successful in keeping a repeat of last year's flostill it >> deadly raid on the flostilla. soldiers opened fire only after being attacked. activist said their flostilla were bringing aid to gaza. protestors in israel said the country has the right to defend itself. >> mike: how does this continue to threaten the sovereign and safety and image
8:45 pm
of israel? >> it is deliberately abused. people say we want a free gaza. a free gaza what? we want to import and want the people of gaza to import goods. they can't, because basically, you know brought down all of the limitation. you can import gaza and cars and pasta, anything. medicine, toys, you name it. it is completely open . the gaza economy grew in the last quarter by how much? >> mike: no. >> put your seat belt on. >> mike: i am braced. >> 25 percent. >> mike: 25 percent. >> highest of the world. >> mike: i would think so. >> so they are doing all right. but so we don't have any action and we don't want to take action against the people
8:46 pm
of gasa. but gaza is governed and control would by this dictatorial regime of hamas and aligned with iran and a proxy of iran and it is depriving the free speech. women can't go out freely. it is a oppressive regime. free gaza. free them of hamas. they are not smuglingg in good and medicine. but they are trying to smuggle in rockets and weapons. you have seen the rockets. they want to snuggle in more. we are willing to let you bring in everything except weapons . the place where they smuggle weapons is not the boats. one ship they can bring in the stuff that would take six month to muggle through.
8:47 pm
one ship we intercepted last year, we had the entire ordinance of hezbollah for the second lebanon. one ship . so we are concerned with ships coming in not because they bring in love boats and cruise liners and tourist. we don't care about that. but they bring in weapons . so we have a naval blockade against that. you can bring in anything to gaza except weapons and that's what we are trying to enforce. >> mike: i am pretty sure if a boat made its way in new york harbor filled with weapons, i ceened of have a feeling that u.s. and mayor bloomburg would react the same way. i don't think you could import a glock much less a ship full of heavy arm in our own ports and so certainly stand to reason you have difficulty with that? >> i suspect if thousands of
8:48 pm
rockets had been fired from a neighboring country, a neighboring territory to the united states, and more was en route by boat, you would stop this. you actually did this with a cuban blockade. president kennedy put out a blockade because of aimed at the united states. we haven't taken out the missiles from gaza. but we don't want more missile to come in and that's the purpose of our naval action. but as far as the population is concerned. they can bring in anything they want to and they are doing well. >> mike: you can watch the conclusion on tomorrow night's live show. coming up. grammy-award winning country artist, the gaitlin brothers . we are watching the debt
8:49 pm
chrisis from washington. stay here on the fox news channel. [ jelani ] neither of my parents went to college. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number one go. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunies, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school. ♪ when i write that book, those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof.
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>> mike: we are happy to have them with us . larry gatit will be part of our hot seat and you will hang around. >> i do and i have stuff to say. >> mike: i bet you do. when have you not had something to say. >> i appreciate it we'll have a good time. >> mike: as long as you guys performed and had a lot of hits. this song evoked something out of the americans as dramatic
8:53 pm
as anything you have seen. >> first time we sang it a couple of years ago in veg as. you all don't have to stand up they did. i am not putting heat on you . evoke the memoris and good things about our country, i did it and that's why we sing it every night and they love it. >> let's hear it. >> i was in a airplane reading the newspaper and the arcticle i was redding on the editorial page is talking about an country and terrible people. the more i read the madder i got. johnnie cash said pilgrim, if something makes you mad enough you will dad burn you will write a song. ♪ they have feed hungry people. ♪ built a shelter. ♪ people sleeping out in the
8:54 pm
cold. ♪ doing all good things good people are supposed to do. ♪ do all these good people, americas that's who. [applause] ♪ they have millions of people from the tyranny of evil and handed the government back to the peoples' hands. ♪ you will not read much about it in the newspapr. . ♪ i am telling you it is true. ♪ who are these good people in ♪ americans, that's who. ♪ glory, glory, halluljah.
8:55 pm
♪ ♪ glory, glory, halluljah. they have left their wifes and babis and marched in help. ♪ i stand right up and tell you how i feel about it. ♪ what i know in my heart is true. ♪ who are these good people? ♪ americans, that's who. [applause] ♪ note glory, glory, hallulujah. ♪ glory, glory hallulujah. i gothill butches. ♪ glory hallulujah
8:56 pm
that's what i am talking. ♪ who are these good people? who are they? ♪ americans, that's who. just like you friend and neighbors. ♪ americans that's who. brother steve and these from arkansas. ♪ americans that's who. like our friend governor mike huckabee. god bless you, mike huckabee. america. ♪ americans that's who. [applause] >> the gatlin brothers. reminds us that americans are the people whatthat the world depends on time and time again. make sure you join us for another live huckabee 8:00 p.m. and latest on the debt negotiations in washington .
8:57 pm
thanks to all of you for being with us and i hope you had a great night. see you live tomorrow night from new york. this is mike huckabee from the fox news studios. more from the gatlins. ♪ ooh. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
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